Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity



Zumanity is dubbed ‘the sensual side of Cirque.’ It is a cabaret-style show by Cirque du Soleil on the Las Vegas Strip.

Cirque asked me to create projected video performances for the show after seeing my video for Kate Moss.


Create video projections that enhance the theatrical experience during the show.


Because the video art pieces are projected on stage during the actual show, I approached my work as if it were a performer. I needed to push myself to the limit to be a live part of the show along with world-renowned super talented Cirque players. After watching the performances many times and interviewing the cast and director, I was ready to create something that would wow audiences. Taking bizarre photographs of the performers, I produced dreamy motion video sequences that morphed in shape on moving screens onstage. These abstract, sexy, and sometimes perverse dreams brought even more life to the lavish experience.


The show receives rave reviews and remains a great success.


  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Editing