TRON: Legacy Theatrical Film Site




Disney aggressively promoted the film Tron: Legacy, which grossed over $400 million during its worldwide theatrical run, ultimately becoming a blockbuster success.


Get people in the seats by creating an immersive experience worthy of the highly anticipated Tron reboot.


Story matters. Tron is about a computer programmer that is transported inside the software world.  I decided to create a web experience that did the same for viewers.  Bring them into the grid.

To transport users to this computer world, we allowed them to create characters that represented their personalities, including their likeness, through photo uploads.  The site was empowered with gamification to engage users in their own personalized narrative further. They were challenged to navigate highly stylized 3D rendered environments and travel using the legendary Light Cycle.  The Light Cycle is part of a Unity3D simulator worthy of Xbox and PlayStation. To amplify the experience and grow viewership Social Media was integrated throughout the site.

To convert all this value into ticket sales and merchandising news flashes, a countdown, and notifications of the upcoming premiere dates were heavily touted.  We also drove online sales through E-Commerce integration.


Amongst the many bragging rights for this site, the one that says it all is its Webby Award Nomination.


Webby Nomination


  • Story Writing
  • Product Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design