Osmosis Jones




Warner Bros. selected Modstar, my digital production company, to create a comprehensive digital marketing campaign for the animated film Osmosis Jones (Chris Rock, Bill Murray, William Shatner).



Create a campaign to build awareness of and drive people to the Osmosis Jones film.



Clearly, the best way to ‘get people in the seats’ was to get them familiar and excited about the film. I took a deep dive exploration of the existing marketing, the film’s personality, and everything that would help draw out the best solution. I decided to do something new and different – create an original scripted backstory told through an online roleplaying game.  My team and I created a spectacular website with a game and a tour, original characters, actor voiceovers, and mini-games. I built innovative email and banner campaigns to drive traffic.  The immersive game stood on its own and enjoyed popularity well after the film’s release.



The digital campaign was a huge success as a marketing vehicle and brought media attention to the Warner Bros. Interactive Marketing Group.


  • Product Design
  • Game Design
  • Script Writing
  • Interaction Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development