J&J and FIFA Android Platform




I was engaged to direct the production and Interaction Design of the attractive and easy-to-use J&J sponsored FIFA Android platform to teach players, coaches, and doctors injury preventive exercises complete with social sharing features.


Create an intuitive experience that rewards participants for completing sections of the course and empowers them to share their achievements and knowledge through social platforms.


My solution provides a flexible tracking and navigation system that enables users to quit and resume activities, modify goals or change the order of their exercise routines at any time without sacrificing the cumulative, linear workflows designed into the app. It achieves this through a novel combination of simple navigation options with easy-to-read visual elements.  Together they eliminate the need for prior training to use the app successfully. Integrated social media allows users to share their accomplishments in the form of badges unlocked as they progress. This creates a gaming aspect designed to help fuel enthusiasm and foster engagement and awareness.


The multi-city program has been a huge success. Participants were reportedly blown away by the Android app.


  • Product Design
  • Interaction Design