I was selected to create and produce a video for Ja Rule and Irv Gotti’s clothing line Ervingeoffrey.  The mission was to promote a hip fashion-forward connection to the brand. The work was played at the Magic convention in Las Vegas at their booth and during ErvingGeoffrey parties.


The challenge was that we had only seconds to catch people’s attention as they walked through the convention and parties.



My strategy was to create a sequence of visuals that would first stop people in their tracks and then draw them into the booth to learn more about the hip and cultured brand.  I spun a visual narrative with original music that included references to James Bond, New York, science, basketball, skateboarding, surfing, and freedom.



Because of my investment in my projects’ success, I visited the booth in Las Vegas to evaluate the results.  The Ervingeoffrey staff stated that they received constant compliments on the video, and it was a huge success in starting conversations about the brand.


  • Creative Direction
  • Story Writing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Editing